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What is Firming Facial Surgery?

What is firming facial surgery ? To correct facial and neck skin laxity and wrinkles and remove fat deposits under the chin, in order to achieve optimal skin that is firm and smooth even on the deeper skin tissue layers.


How to prepare for surgery ? Once you have decided for facial surgery, you should regard a period of at least one weak before the surgery, in which you do not take medication such like aspirin or other drugs, including medically prescribed blood thinners. Further more, herbal teas should be avoided, such like green tea or ginseng tea containing Ginkgo Biloba. Smokers should stop smoking seven days prior to surgery. Alcohol must be avoided during the last 48 hours before surgery.

How long does the procedure take ? The surgery is performed in the surgery room with the assistance of a local anesthesiologist. On average, the procedure takes between 2 to 4 hours. If additional procedures should be carried out, such like eyelid lifting, the the procedure will take longer. In that case it is recommended to stay in the hospital for one night. Male patients should consider that a drainage tube will be put in place to prevent accumulation of blood. In all cases, the surgery will be performed in such a way, that there will be no visible scars.

Who is suitable for this operation ? You should be over 30 years old but it can also vary depending on the person. Everyone who wants to get rid of his weary image and wants to avoid a complete facelift surgery. The elasticity of the skin has not been lost and the degree of laxity is not advanced. This procedure can be performed in healthy men and women.

How is the operation performed ? Does the surgery leave scars ? The surgery is usually accompanied by the endoscope and can be performed with local anesthesia with partial or general anesthesia. Symmetrically on both sides of the scalp are 2-cm incisions made to spread the tissues of the forehead and midface. The cheek fat is reached and it is pulled upward and outward as it was in the early years. The region of the face is rejuvenated and reduces the deep corners of the mouth. The procedure takes about 1.5 hours.


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