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Aesthetic Dental Care


The most important task of dentistry is healthy teeth and to ensure complete fulfillment of chewing function. In addition to these general rules aesthetic dentistry is the aesthetic appearance of teeth being appropriate to the person's general facial image and harmony in her/his face; or to make it appropriate. Many factors such as face type, facial features, gender, skin color, personality of the person are taken into consideration in aesthetic dentistry practices.


It is a treatment performed to those who are not satisfied with the original color of her/his teeth after dirt called as plaque, tartar and stains on the teeth are removed There are two types of whitening procedure; performed at home and in clinic. Whitening gels applied on the teeth provide opening in the color of teeth by creating a chemical reaction in the teeth, and the person regains teeth in natural whiteness.


It is a method especially preferred when there are problems in a small number of teeth. They are the restorations performed in one's own tooth color applied in the mouth in problems such as restoration of broken teeth, closing of the gaps between the teeth.

Laminate Veneer Applications

They are the averagely 0.3 mm thick porcelain shells applied to the front surface of the teeth in individuals who are not satisfied with color, shape and position of their teeth. It is a method that protects the dental tissue as much as possible due to application only on the front surface of the teeth and not touching the other surfaces of teeth. It mimics the enamel effects of the tooth because of the fineness of the porcelain materials used; very natural and aesthetic results can be obtained.


Full Porcelain Crowns

More aesthetic restorations can be made by preparing the crowns from fully porcelain today, which had metal infrastructure in traditional methods.

Inlay- Onlay Fillings

Inlay and onlay fillings are made when there is no sufficient amount of tooth structure to support the filling however not damaged enough to be covered with porcelain crown. These fillings prepared in the laboratory from porcelain are particularly preferred due to compliance with the gums in defects in contact with the gums.

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments, which is the branch of dentistry that generally treats dental crowding and incompatibility problems between the jaws, provide an aesthetic result by ensuring properly lined teeth and harmonious jaw closing as well as an aesthetic appearance is provided during the treatment period in adulthood by using aesthetic brackets, transparent plates and brackets applied to the back surfaces of the teeth (lingual technique) methods that are used today during the treatment.

Aesthetic Gum Applications

A literally aesthetic dental appearance can be ensured with only healthy and aesthetic gum appearance. Excessive red, swollen or inflamed appearance of gums is treated with tartar cleaning and curettage procedures if necessary. In some cases, arrangements such as gum leveling in people whose gums are seen too much when they laugh, gum flaps in excessive gum recessions can also be made.


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