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Abdomen Aesthetic

With whom the breast augmentation surgery is performed ? The operation is suitable for men and women whose flabby stomach skin and cracked and weakened stomach muscles are present.


The most important reason for women during pregnancy is the rapid increase and decrease the weight. Looks so nice and firm the stomach there are three areas: skin, elastic and no stripes. Adipose tissue be distributed homogeneously. The most important muscle is the Rectus muscle of the stomach appear to let shallow and narrow. He stretches out on both sides of the navel as two cylinders along the anterior abdominal wall. In the middle, connecting the muscles and become one. Especially in the last months of pregnancy increases the internal pressure and stomach muscle connection expands so that the unit is broken. In this case, the person may lose as much as you want will not release the belly.
What is the process before the operation ? 3 weeks before surgery to reduce cigarette smoking to 10pcs up on the day, 1 week before may not take aspirin and other Blood thinning medications and herbal teas are taken. It is important that no alcohol is taken 24-48 hours before surgery. The time before the surgery begins with an interview. It will be seen whether they are suitable for the Breast Augmentation surgery and whether there are obstacles to the operation. What do you expect after abdominoplasty surgery and how the development will be clearly explained.

How is the operation performed ? There are two types of tummy tuck surgery: First, Mini-tummy tuck: when the abdominal skin with no cracks, good muscle tone, and when excess skin below the navel level, there is the mini-tummy tuck only makes sense. The surgical procedure of the mini-stomach tuck is shorter than the full tummy tuck. There is no incision made around the navel. Only the excess skin is removed. Second, Full tummy tuck: Strong limp, cracked skin, excessive accumulation on the top of the genital area and the operation is performed in patients with weak muscles. The abdominal skin and fatty tissue under the skin around the navel freed together with the preservation of the anterior abdominal wall, rectos diastases (the front wall of the abdominal muscles in the strong separation of two parts), the chapped skin is removed and tighten sagging skin. The abdomen is removed on the basis of the former hole.

What is after the surgery ? In the full tummy tuck, the patient created drainage and put on a corset. 24-48 hours is enough to stay in the hospital. After the drainage to prevent the accumulation of blood was removed, the patient can be discharged. The seams on the stomach are removed on Day 10 and Day 15 on the other seams. The corset should be worn for at least 3 weeks. Firstly, at the beginning of swelling, redness occur at the line of stitching. It may take up to 2 months until the swelling goes back and the stomach is regenerated. The end result of the surgery takes between 6 months and 1 year.


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