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Aesthetics Of The Ear

Ear Aesthetics It is often surgery to correct the aesthetic deformity of the pine to. Furthermore, intervention in congenital ear, and later (trauma, burns, infections) distortions.

What are prominent ears ? Protruding ears can idendifiziert through a wide angle to the auricle and not too deep wrinkles on the auricle.


Who can make a Ear surgery ? An ear correction can be anyone who has completed the development of children and which is performed before the primary school at the age of 6 years ago. It is important for the psychology of the child to perform the surgery before elementary school. In childhood and adolescence, it is easier to make the new ear cartilage. Especially after 40 years tends to harden the cartilage structure. For this reason, the design of the ear is more difficult.
What is the preoperative process ? As with any pre-operative process should not take aspirin, 1 week before and prolonging bleeding time on medication, low consumption of herbal teas and 24-48hours before the alcohol is no delay, here are the same principles.
How is surgery performed ? Leaves it scar ? There are many techniques for ear surgery. These techniques are also important in order to reduce the curves of the ear, the angle of the ear and head. The incision is made in the skin fold between the head in the ear. So hidden accordingly. In children, the surgery with general anesthesia in elderly and under local anesthesia with sedation or local anesthesia will be performed. A two-sided ear correction takes about 1.5 hours. In the first 6-12 hours may occur with mild pain and tingling.
What is the process after the surgery ? One is not obliged to remain in the hospital. To the swelling of the ears and to prevent accumulation of blood, a dressing is applied to the patient. After 48 hours, the association opened and a small tennis bandage applied. The Tennis bandage is worn for the first two weeks 24 hours a day, after 2 weeks only at night. The stitches will be at 10-15. Days taken. The ears may be in the early days very swollen and appear flat. Usually it takes about 2 months to obtain a final result.


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