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As the LIVA CARE group, we aim to offer the most effective, up-to-date and appropriate medical treatment to our national and international patients. As LIVA CARE, we are aware of current developments and the changes in the search of wellbeing and we believe that well-educated physicians in Turkey will meet these expectations at the highest level and assume a leading role around the world.

Our experienced team who both studied and worked in national and international arena and is ready to give you the best healthcare service during your stay in Istanbul.


  • Flight ticket service
  • Airport transfers and other transfer services,
  • Accommodation services,
  • Pre- and post-treatment preparations,
  • Guaranteed treatment at JCI-contracted hospitals conforming to European standards,
  • Support and interpreting services by our staff, in anything you may need during your treatment,
  • Following up the recovery period after your treatment period and making the arrangements for new appointments, if deemed necessary by your physician.

Why Should You Prefer LIVA CARE?

As LIVA CARE, we render a safe, high-quality, effective and adequate health care, in the healthcare service you may need. As for the reliability of our contracted hospitals, we provide you with the information about our contracted hospitals and it’s doctors transparently and deliver the healthcare services in a transparent manner without discrimination of objectivity between the patients.


How We Work

  • The patients who contact us through our partners or via our website are asked about their general state of health and referred to the appropriate specialist in our contracted hospitals or clinics.
  • Our team asks the patient for epicrisis or medical records showing the patient’s medical status and problem.
  • Once the patient makes up his/her mind in receiving the treatment, our specialist sends the patient to the relevant department for technical details and appointments, if the doctor approves the treatment of the patient.
  • Our relevant unit gives the patient a detailed file detailing the treatment process in Turkey as well as the pricing information.
  • In the course the patient’s stay in Turkey, he/she will not be obliged to contact any person or organisation other than our company and all operations of the patient will be carried out by our company. So, the patient will need to contact a single authority with regards to any problem he/she may encounter during the stay in Turkey.
  • Patient’s arrival in Turkey, his/her treatment in Turkey and the management of all services will be performed in high quality and transparency.
  • Follow-up exams of the patients who return home will be carried out via online interview by the physician who has performed the treatment in our contracted hospitals.


Flight Time To Turkey


Route Duration
From New York 9h 41m
From London 3h 40m
From Washington DC 9h 45m
From Paris 3h 20m
From Berlin 2h 55m
From Toronto 9h 45m
From Moscow 2h 41m
From Barcelona 3h 20m
From Madrid 4h 10m
From Amsterdam 3h 25m
From Dublin 4h 20m
From Sydney 19h 5m
From Dubai 4h 20m





Airline tickets flight and Hotels, scheduled suitable telephone and internet services available in our country, emergency numbers can be general purpose, etc. We help in traffic matters. The possible problems during your trip, you can contact us.


From the airport to the hospital, hospital to the airport, we provide transportation to locations within the city where you want to go.


After paying the initial examination and appropriate laboratory tests finance; We offer you options according to your budget for your treatment.


We an international education and experience, we will leave that confidence in the Turkish doctors.

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Sultan Selim Mah. Hümeyra Sok. No.7
Nef 09 Plaza B Blok K.10 D.201
Kagithane, İstanbul, Türkiye

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Follow Us

Sultan Selim Mah. Hümeyra Sok. No.7
Nef 09 Plaza B Blok K.10 D.201
Kagithane, İstanbul, Türkiye

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