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Advanced Age Diseases Treatment Center

Advanced Age Diseases Treatment Center, Liva Care

1. Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis and Treatment Center

Psychological, childhood, adolescence, old age, muscle wasting, trauma, excess birth, difficult birth, advanced costipations are the periost and causes of urinary incontinence. It is always possible to treat, except for nerve rupture. This event, which is shameful and undesirable, turns into an irreversible disease in the future. Therefore, this problem should be treated as soon as it is felt.

Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis and Treatment Center

2. Sexual Disability Treatment Center

It is important to control sexual competence, healthy sexual development in childhood, and sexual initiation periods in adolescence. When detected, the person should express this clearly to your doctor, it is very important for the determination of the problem. Treatment is possible, whatever the problem. The important thing is to accept this as a problem and start treatment. A healthy life goes through a healthy sexual life.

Sexual Disability Treatment Center

3. Genital Organ Repair Center

All structural or functional problems caused by congenital or excessive intercourse in men or women, excessive normal birth, advanced age, inadequacy in physical dimensions, trauma and muscle diseases are treated as urological surgery, plastic surgery and psychotherapy.

Genital organ repair center

4. Rehabilitation Center for Stroke Patients

Our center is the reference center for paralysis due to spinal injury, trauma, gunshot injury, spina bifida, nerve damage due to surgical intervention due to congenital problems such as scoliosis, etc. With spine surgery, the spine is kept upright. Stem cell therapy is given for the cell that sees the nerve behind it to renew itself. Afterwards, the patient's transition to the best position is ensured with robotic-neurological rehabilitation programs.

Rehabilitation Center for Stroke Patients

5. Oncology Post-treatment Rehabilitation Care and Prevention Center

Oncology diseases are long-term treatments. It is a process in which the whole body of the patient is worn out, the organs come to the point of bankruptcy, and there is a constant psychological fear of death. In this process, care and rehabilitation are important in order to get the best results and to show the highest success of the treatment. It improves the quality of treatment. It connects the patient to life. It reduces the pains. It minimizes complications. In our hospital, first of all, the protection of untreated organs, the preservation of body resistance through nutrition, the dissolution of organs that are used or not used with rehabilitation, and complications due to inactivity are prevented. Psychologically, the patient is given the belief that it is up to me to give the chance to life. The result increases our chances of winning the patient with the treatment.

Oncology post-treatment rehabilitation care and prevention center

6. Heart Control Diagnosis Treatment Center

Our heart is the organ that runs our vascular structure, which enables us to live together with love. All examinations for our heart, digital devices, state-of-the-art machines, interventional radiology, examination and applications are performed with the latest technique. Without surgery, without incision, heart vessels are opened without anesthesia. With a 1-day hospitalization, the patient is treated and sent to his country.

Heart Control Diagnosis Treatment Center

7. Cardiovascular Diseases Surgery Center

The period of hospitalization for days after heart surgery, surgical dressings and bedsores is a thing of the past. In our hospital, all veins of the patient are opened and he is discharged in a healthy manner after a 2-day hospitalization without incision, surgery and wound.

Cardiovascular diseases surgery

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